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10 Year Old Girls Getting Fucked By Men [UPDATED]

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Polanski's attorneys said that the presiding judge, Laurence J. Rittenband, suggested to them that he would send the director to prison and order him deported. According to the 2008 documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Wells showed Rittenband the photographs of Polanski partying in Munich with young girls, and said Polanski was being cavalier about the charges against the 13-year-old girl. This would have constituted an ex parte communication, as although Wells was not an attorney of record in the case, he was technically a lawyer for one of the parties involved due to his work for the state of California.[8] In response to the threat of imprisonment, Polanski became a fugitive from justice, fleeing the United States and going to England.[37] Regarding the proposed sentencing, Rittenband said:

"The town wants to forget all that," said the elderly man I met in the dive bar. And even he had forgotten about the incident. He was completely confused when I first brought it up. I had to jog his memory also: "You know, the guy who died getting fucked in the ass by a horse." 1e1e36bf2d


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