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Washing Paint Rollers

What you need to know.

Before washing your roller sleeve make sure you remove it from the roller frame. This will help prevent the metal parts of your roller frame from rusting.

  1. Remove Excess paint from your roller using our 5 in 1 Combination Tool found on our online paint accessory store.

  2. Rinse the inside of the roller cover and then allow the roller cover to stand in a bucket or sink and have the water running into the core creating a waterfall effect.

  3. Continue this step for several minutes, turn the roller over and do the same from the other end.

  4. Place a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid onto the roller sleeve, using your hand to rub the liquid into the sleeve.

  5. Continue to rinse the roller sleeve until the water runs clear.

  6. Once the water has run clear, place the roller cover back on the frame and allow it to spin, this will help prevent the fibers clumping together and will also ensure you get longer use out of your roller.

  7. Once your roller sleeve is clean you need to allow it to dry.  Avoid standing your roller sleeve on its end or on the nap, doing this will result in damage to your roller sleeve Nap.

  8. You can hang your roller sleeve with a piece of string running through the middle of the sleeve, this will allow the roller sleeve to dry naturally.

  9. It is imperative you allow your roller sleeves to dry thoroughly before storage. If you don’t allow them to dry properly, they will become moldy and smelly, and you will need to throw them away.

  10. Store your clean and dry roller sleeves in a plastic bag/cover, already for the next painting job!

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