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10 Tips for Using a Paint Roller

Whether you are a professional contractor or just trying to paint your bedroom yourself, using a paint roller can be tricky. Knowing when to clean and how to store it can help you avoid unnecessary replacement costs. Here are some tips to help make the process easier for you.

1. Ensure the Surface You are Painting is Clean and Free of Debris

Before you paint with a paint roller, make sure the surface is clean. This will ensure that the paint sticks to the wall and not a build-up of paint or debris. Painting a surface full of particles and debris causes the roller to clog, and you will need to replace it. Additionally, the paint job ends up looking unprofessional.

2. Clean the Paint Roller Every Time You Dip into the Paint

Every time you dip your paint roller in the paint, squeeze out any paint not used into a cup or paint tray. Some paint will still stick, but it makes paint roller replacement more likely as it becomes dry.

3. Store the Paint Roller Correctly to Ensure it Lasts

Handle paint rollers correctly and store them inside a paint tray when done with them. This will keep paint from drying in the roller and prevent the need to replace your paint roller quickly.

4. Clean Up as You Go to Avoid a Mess that Will Require More Work

Clean up paint as you paint to avoid paint spillage that will need more time and effort to clean up. This can help you paint faster and easily, which is always good.

5. Plan Your Paint Project Carefully to Avoid Painting the Same Area Twice

Plan your painting projects carefully, and don't be afraid to change your order of operations. This will allow you to focus on the areas you need to paint and save yourself time and energy.

6. Save Your Roll Cover for Later and Use it as a Paint Tray

After you paint and clean up your roller, save the cover by covering it with a wet paper towel. You can use this trick if you are taking frequent breaks between coats.

7. Use a Texture Roller for Non-Smooth Surfaces

If you are painting a non-smooth surface, use a texture roller. A textured roller is similar to a paint roller but has wire bristles instead of foam ones. The wire bristles make it easier to paint surfaces with imperfections.

8. Use a Paint Scraper to Get Rid of Thick Paint That Will Not Roll

If there is thick paint that does not roll, use a paint scraper to get rid of it. This will make applying paint easier and prevent the need for a replacement.

9. Move Quickly When Painting With a Paint Roller

Move fast when using a paint roller, but not too quickly. If you move too fast, the pressure will cause the paint to drip and leave an uneven finish.

10. Paint in the Right Direction

Always paint in the direction of your roller. If you paint too quickly, the paint will drip and cause a mess that is hard to clean up.

Using a paint roller is easier than you think, as long as you clean and store your roller correctly. Painting in the right direction and cleaning your roller as you go are the keys to getting the best result. Your painting will look professional and leave a lasting impression if you follow these simple tips.

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