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FULL Pc Study Bible 5 [PORTABLE]

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With over 4,000 Bible verse links, over 3,000 maps and more than 6,000 articles and commentaries, your MAC/PC Study Bible will guide you and connect you to the Bible. Start where you want... go where you want.

To provide the best and most complete study guide for your MAC/PC Study Bible, we have developed an amazing library of resources that will enhance your study. To see a list of all the resources for your MAC/PC Study Bible, click here

Just one of the many good things about the MAC/PC Study Bible. Far better than trying to study the Bible in any other method, the MAC/PC Study Bible teaches you how to go about studying the Bible. You can't go wrong!

The MAC/PC Study Bible is a great time saver. Not only does it teach you the best way to study, it even automatically looks up words you enter in the search field so you can see how each Bible word is translated. If you've been wondering, "What does the Bible really mean" this is a great Bible study tool. Now you know.

What can be more exciting than finding that with one click the MAC/PC Study Bible has found the exact verse you're looking for! The MAC/PC Study Bible is far better than any other study program. The only Bibles you'll ever need are right there! You can click on any verse in your Bible to go right to the meaning. You can see how each Bible word is translated and compare the words you find in different versions or translations.

The MAC/PC Study Bible provides the tools you need to do in-depth study of each major theme of the Bible. By using the MAC/PC Study Bible you can navigate at your own pace, viewing verses side by side, cross-referencing them, comparing the meanings of similar words and seeing how they are translated in all the major versions. 3d9ccd7d82


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