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The initial version of CorelDRAW was marketed as "the first raster vector program on the PC". It was widely regarded as a useful application for drawing scalable vector graphics. A later version of CorelDRAW ( e.g., CorelDRAW X5 ) was're-engineered' (by use of a Windows program called Corel Invention) as an raster graphics program to be backward compatible with formats dating from the past version. It provides both 2-D and 3-D drawing capabilities. Version 6 was the first version to be released to the public without the "Essential" option, which was originally bundled with the program, and would usually be found as a separate piece of software. Version 6 also allowed for a simpler user interface than the previous versions, as Corel felt that the user should not have to worry about a lot of interface features in a drawing program. When version 6 was first released, Corel provided a simple file format conversion utility called CDR2CDR to convert a CDT (CorelDraw Table) format file to a CDT (or any other format) file. The utility is still bundled with the program today, but it is not as stable as it used to be. The conversion utility was part of a tool called Corel Software Conversion Tool (CSCT). CSCT was also used to convert files from other Corel formats, such as CMX, CDV, CDB, CCR, CDT and CFX. CSCT is a product developed by Corel, and no longer available for download. The first version with Fileconverter (as an "Explorer tool") was CorelDraw Graphics Suite 7. Corel later released CDR Converter, a separate application that converts CDT files to CDR or CMK files, both being proprietary file formats. Later, Fileconverter was released as a standard function in CorelDraw. d2c66b5586


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