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While the film overall received six Academy Award nominations, Gerwig was not nominated for Best Director, which was deemed a snub.[25][89] Allison Pearson of The Telegraph labeled this a "whole new standard of idiocy", opining that it "belittles women's experience",[90] while Slate's Dana Stevens theorized that Academy members believe that "women can only have a little recognition, as a treat" and that Gerwig "may now safely be ignored" since she had been previously nominated for Lady Bird.[91] Writing for the Los Angeles Times, social psychologists Devon Proudfoot and Aaron Kay concluded that the snub was due to a "general psychological tendency to unwittingly view women's work as less creative than men's".[92]

If Armstrong's version is the most palatable, then consider Gerwig's the most pungent. This wild adaptation seamlessly winds you through past and present, Gerwig dispensing with chronological storytelling to make a grander statement about flashbulb memory and female ambition. Her script plays with timelines more than any other version, and in doing so, fashions a story that lands at unexpected emotional beats compared with the original novel and its subsequent adaptations. Her hairpin turns take some getting used to, but once you settle into the rhythm, you realize Gerwig structures her story to simulate the roller-coaster experiences of female artists who are drenched in determination but thwarted at every turn. (What other costume drama climaxes at a woman's salary negotiation) Saoirse Ronan's petulant Jo and Florence Pugh's passionate Amy stand out among a fantastic ensemble, but it's Timothée Chalamet's heartbroken Laurie that becomes the heart of the film, and he practically steals the story from every one of these little women. Years to come, this may very well be deemed Gerwig's masterpiece.

Then the movie cuts back and forth between the younger little women and the mature little women. Surprisingly, the plot with all these flashbacks is easy to follow because the directing and acting is superb.

me, going in: so in this movie called little women, i'll probably relate to one of the little womenlaurie: falls in love with every girl who's mean to him, is a disaster, would die for saoirse ronanme: ah, fuck

One final reason why Little Women is a fascinating series that is a must-watch is the way in which it adds in a little bit of the supernatural without allowing it to take over the show and distract the viewers from the main storyline. The blue orchid or the "Ghost of Vietnam" acts as the tangible element of the supernatural. It allows people to hallucinate, seemingly interact with the dead, and have visions. Screenwriter Seo-kyung, in an interview, has stated that they wanted to create "a sense of ambiguity between fantasy and reality". Clearly, the series has achieved this quite successfully. 59ce067264


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