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Cs 1.6 Ammo Pack Hack [WORK]

Unlike hacking or cheating, which is never allowed, cheats are available to all players to use as they wish on applicable servers (assuming they have permission from the server operator). Playing on a cheat-enabled server does not influence a player's gameplay statistics, and achievements cannot be earned during that time. Items still randomly drop even if a server is set to sv_cheats 1.

cs 1.6 ammo pack hack


Bullets have to break the NPCs armor before dealing damage. There are some concussion damage still but they are nerfed heavily. Concussion still staggers enemies. The higher the ammo penetration power, the quicker the NPCs armor is depleted. High penetration ammo even penetrates armor directly. Each NPCs have armor values for each limb based on their visual model. Legs armor is reduced. Damage localization is also more pronounced (damage reduction based on limbs). It balances buckshots because their penetration value is extremely low, thus making buckshot useful only against unarmored or lightly armored targets (early stalkers and mutants). To kill an exo with buckshots, you'll likely need more than 10 shots. But 3-4 AP 7.62x39 or 9x39 to the chest and they are dead. AP ammo price has thus been increased because you need much less of these to kill armored foes. Since their price is high, AP ammo must be used with care. FMJ basic ammo are still useful, but you'll need to shoot the legs of a Nosorog if you want to incapacitate it.

Slugs and AP Slugs (Darts) thus received a boost and they are designed for stalker hunting. Ammo categories have been revamped too. Most calibers have basic ammo (FMJ), hollow-point ammo (HP) or armor piercing ammo (AP). EP ammo has been converted to HP ammo. HP ammo efficiency has been boosted so that shotguns are not the king anymore to kill mutants. .45 Hydrashock is the king. SMG are buffed too : time to kill is generally faster with this add-on, and despite reduced SMG damages (in vanilla a 9x19 deals the same damage has a 5.45 weapon), their recoil has been reworked so that they are still super efficient at close range and super cheap to use compared to higher caliber weapons. Some iconic weapons like PPSh and P90, which have their own caliber, have been reinforced a bit. Now 5.7 is now a clear upgrade compared to 9x19. And 7.62x25 is slightly better than 9x19 FMJ, but it lacks performance against armored foes, but is very versatile early on.Among other changes, the add-on brings it's own weapon recoil balance, two set of icons with ammo name (original icons and a brand new set of icons), a rework of grenades damages based on NPC armor profile and more (see full description below).

Complete rework of the ballistics framework of Anomaly.Changes notably the bullets and armor penetration from PLAYER to NPCs (not the other way around) using EFT ammunition system as an inspiration. The goal is to have a more realistic ballistic system where you must take into account the armor of your enemy and the ammo type you are using.

1.1.0 : Restored the working scripts, now the add-on really works... Removed the "low selling price for ammo" part. I don't want to deal with incompatibility issues with trading system right now. I'll maybe add it later back once I have decided to suffer enough to deal with this system. Feel free to cheese the game by selling expensive AP ammo if you want. Or be a grown man and don't do it, I'm tired of babysitting players. If you have Blinsides Animations, remove the enhanced recoil script since recoil can be weird with both add-ons loaded at the same time.

Also I would like to point out something, I see as a discrepancy.Imgur.comThe description doesn't really match. (Don't mean to nitpick, I just wanted to point it out. It's a very trivial problem.)ACP only has two ammo variants, one being regular FMJ and the other Hollowpoint (as described in the description). Mod changes Hydroshock rounds to being AP, losing .45 ACP's HP variant.It would be a bit more realistic if it remained HP imo.It'd pretty cool if .45 ACP had a third variant, being AP.

Well, let's see, new variants mean lots of incompatibilites. But, I will make an independent ammo ltx file, and I'll be able to add new individual icons. So this should be doable in the long run. Thanks for pointing this out

Hello Grok, .50BMG (12.799mm NATO) is a different beast altogether; 50 cal ammo is known for going through any and all materials in the same way as a knife through hot butter. While I am not knowledgeable of 12.7x55, this strikes me as a very large SMG/pistol round, even larger than .50 Action Express (12.7x33mm) which is used by the Desert Eagle pistol.

This open area curves around to the left. As you slide down into the lower area, quickly jump up to the left to reach a ledge as a helicopter fires at you. Walk across the wooden planks to the blue door. Pick up the barrels that block the door to gain access to an alley. Take cover under the roof. There is a barnacle on the left ledge which blocks some health.Behind the blue door there is a skinny hall. Look down to see a Lambda. Take a right down the ladder to obtain health packs and some ammo. Take a left and then a right into the tunnels. Here there are some exploding barrels that should be lit and thrown down the slippery ramp where there are barnacles waiting at the bottom. Zig-zag back up the ramp and do the same thing at the next slipper ramp with another red barrel. After this section there is a door leading outside. Take a left and run down the hall into the hall on the left before the helicopter fires on you again. You will see a resistance poster on the wall as you walk down the next hall.

Hack your way through the crates to a resistance fighter's hide out. He warns you that manhacks will soon be attacking, which they do as he talks so you. Smack these slicing bots down with your crow bar. There are supplies on the platforms in this area, so stack crates to get to them. Down the next two halls, there are two more groups of three manhacks. After the second group, go down the hall to the second arched entrance to find some ammo and health in a small room. Then walk outside and bash through the crates to another door. Turn around to intercept the swarm of manhacks that come in behind you.Drop down to the tunnels and some officers will appear ahead of you. The officer that comes down from the rope is holding an SMG. Shoot the barrels to cause explosions. In the area where the officer dropped from the ceiling, turn around and crawl into the vent on the ground to find some health and ammo. Be prepared for a zombie that appears at the end of the tunnel. When you turn around to exit the tunnel, another officer will drop from the ceiling.

Walk down the hall and turn the corner to find an area filled with water and a spinning set of fences under the surface. There is an under water tunnel on the bottom of the left side. Don't go under until you are on the far side and the spinning fence makes it accessible. Then, swim through the tunnel until you reach an opening where you can pop up and grab some air. Continue ahead and there is a large pipe leading outside.In the stairway to the left, watch out for the barnacle and the two officers that appear at the opening of the tunnel. In front of the barnacle there is a box containing health and ammo. At the opening there will be two more officers as well as a manhack. Go outside to climb on top of the red pipe and then double back over the steaming vents. Wait for breaks in the steam bursts before you cross. Then jump to the right, to avoid the barnacles. There are some barrels here that can be used to distract them as you jump by. There is also health and ammo on the ledge in between the steam bursts.

Crawl through the shaft until you drop into a room filled with red barrels. Destroy the manhacks that flood the room, but be careful if you decide to go with a pistol, the resulting explosions can be deadly. In the corner of the room you can climb up a stone incline to reach some health. Climb the ladder in the center of the room to reach a silver pipe that leads to the second level. You now enter a vertical room with a long ladder and a large number of pipes. At the bottom of the ladder is a supply crate containing full health. The goal of this area is to reach the valve on the red pipe that raises the water level. Climb to the top of the ladder and drop down onto the white pipes to get there.As the water rises, return to the room filled with exploding barrels and go down to the bottom level using the hole where the ladder is located. Jump into the water to avoid the manhacks. Swim through the red-lit pipe on the bottom level to reach a small room with a ladder. In order to cross the gap, you will need to swim to the bottom of the room and break the wooden planks with your crowbar. This will release some large wooden spools that act as a bridge to the other side.

Once you exit this room you will drop into a narrow tunnel. Officers will approach from one side and a manhack will come from the other. Walk towards the manhack and take it out, then deal with the officers. A flow of manhacks will continue to appear as you jump up onto the ledge where the officers were standing. Grab the contents of the supply crate and enter the dark hallway. There's a door to the left and a dark room ahead. Beware of the barnacle in the dark room and grab the health and ammo.In the lit entrance, climb up the ladder and grab the supplies at the top. Notice the lambda on the wall. Make your way across the planks and avoid falling down to find another lambda and some ammo. Drop down and walk out of the tunnel into an open area. The crackle emanating from your suit indicates that nearby water is radioactive and will inflict damage. Jump onto the rusty pipes and walk to the left to find another supply dump. Then drop down and meet a citizen who has an infinite stock of SMG ammo as well as some health and power cells.


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