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Where To Buy Organic Hair Dye

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Where To Buy Organic Hair Dye

Hoffman MC, Karban LV, Benitez P, Goodteacher A, Laudenslager ML. Chemical processing and shampooing impact cortisol measured in human hair. Clin Invest Med. 2014;37(4):E252-E257. doi:10.25011/cim.v37i4.21731

I have been using Organic Colour Systems exclusively for over ten years. I have tried other natural and ammonia-free colors and this is by far my absolute favourite. All of my new clients notice how much healthier and shinier the hair is!

Getting to grips with using a pure, herbal natural organic hair color can take time as it is slightly different to conventional, synthetic and chemical hair dyes. Whether you are allergic to PPD (paraphenylenediamine), want to limit your use of ammonia and peroxide or simply are looking for a gentle, natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, using organic herbal hair colour helps you have naturally coloured hair that will look glossy and healthy. Here are the most frequently asked questions about It's Pure Organic Hair Dyes.

We've had feedback from customers who already have chemically dyed hair that It's Pure is very effective on their hair. However, it's important to note that applying a pure natural organic hair dye on top of chemically dyed hair can affect the way the colour takes and the colour could be unpredictable and not what you expected. The following points should be considered:

It is usually OK to use a deposit only, darkening chemical hair dye on top however you still have to careful that the colour is as you would expect. It is best to wait 5 or 6 weeks after the natural hair colour and strand test to check the colour is what you would expect.

It is not recommended to use chemical bleach on hair that has been dyed with a herbal hair colour containing indigo, i.e. black or brown shades or indigo itself, unless it has faded or grown out. This is because bleach will not remove indigo so you may possibly be left with a bluish colour. If you do want to try it please strand test first.

If you want to use the dyes during chemotherapy or pregnancy, please consult with your doctor first. It's Pure hair colours are quite different to chemical dyes as they are all natural and henna based and usually doctors are fine with them but it is always good to check in case your condition is different. All of the ingredients in It's Pure Organic Hair Dye can be found here in case you would like to show the ingredients to your practitioner.

The longevity of the hair colours depends upon which shade you use and how porous your hair is. For example the hair at the roots tends to fade more quickly than the hair at the ends which is more weathered and therefore more porous.

In terms of shades, the red shades are virtually permanent. The brown or black shades tend to last on average about 3 to 4 weeks on the roots, but they can become permanent on porous areas of your hair like the longer lengths of your hair.

Most of our customers use them to cover grey. They will not cover grey as strongly as chemical dyes. Where you have grey hair it will usually be a lighter colour to the rest i.e. if you have some brown and some grey hair the grey hairs will usually come out lighter than the brown hair.

Many customers who are allergic to conventional hair dye happily use It's Pure. Our hair colours are natural and henna-based, without PPD, peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol or any artificial chemicals. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not be allergic. This is the same as with many natural products, such as nuts or strawberries that people may have allergic reactions to even though they are only natural.

To be sure of whether you will react to a hair colour it is best to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to putting the product on your scalp. To do a patch test, put a small amount of dye on the inside of your elbow. If any reaction occurs (itching, flakiness, redness) you may have a reaction to the hair colour. You can also use one of the It's Pure Test Sachets to do a patch test before buying the full sized box.

Where do the It's Pure dyes come fromIt's Pure organic hair dyes are blended in the UK using herbs grown on fair trade and organic certified farms in India. The herbs are processed into powders using advanced technologies to deliver incredibly pure, high quality extracts, free from contaminants. The hair dyes are certified organic by The Soil Association.

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Here you will find the best brands of organic hair dye with which you can dye your hair into the most beautiful colours without damaging your hair.With our top quality natural hair dye without ppd and without harmful chemicals a brilliant and grey-covering colour layer will be applied to your hair.

At Greenbeauty.shopl you will find natural hair dyes in many beautiful colours. But of course you can also mix these colours to come to a unique personal colour.Make sure you know what you are doing, because does not give any mixing advice as this is not remotely responsible.

If you want to mix colours, make sure you mix colours that are close to each other. For example, you can easily mix a dark brown with a chestnut brown, or golden blonde with natural brown. It is not a good idea to mix golden blonde with red, for example, unless you want a bright orange look. Or dark brown with strawberry blonde, that will not be a success. So: don't make extreme colour mixtures and always take into account your own hair colour for a nice colour result.100% Natural and healthy for your hair

You will find the best brands of natural hair dye in the assortment of If you want to colour your grey hair with the very best 100% organic top quality, made from the most powerful freshly harvested ingredients in the world, choose the 100% organically certified hair dyes from It's Pure Organics!

Muscle white grey hair is always a bit more difficult to colour, especially the thicker stiff hairs. Just think: the chemical hair dyes that really achieve 100% grey coverage contain the most toxic ingredients of all hair colours.

In any case, white hair shines through the natural dye layer much more and the quality of the colour layer around the hair becomes even more important. This layer gets better in quality and more intense in colour every time the hair is coloured, so that even the thickest snow-white grey hairs will be covered permanently in the long run.

You understand that this means that the colour of your hair always influences the final colour result, because it always shines through in a light or dark way. Your hair can therefore never become lighter in colour than it is when you dye it with a 100% natural hair colouring.

Also, you cannot colour your hair lighter with natural hair dye, which means that you especially shouldn't dye your hair too dark as you can't go back to a lighter colour. However, by using a degreasing shampoo it is possible to damage the colour layer around the hair, especially when the colour layer is still quite fresh (the colour layer only hardens more and more after many months).

So don't let your beautiful 100% naturally dyed hair colour disappear by using the wrong shampoo. Choose a sulphate-free natural shampoo and make sure that it is not suitable for oily, impure scalps either. This is because the purifying herbs in such shampoos are not gentle on the natural hair colour layer either.

If you want to lighten your hair by one or two shades, you cannot use vegetable hair colourants. You have to use a hair colourant that opens the hair cuticles and changes the colour pigments in the hair. Often this kind of hair colouring contains a lot of dangerous ingredients. If you really want to go for this kind of hair colouring look for an alternative that is as safe as possible, without ammonia, resorcinol, parabens or perfumes and with as many vegetable ingredients as possible.

The 100% organic hair dye from does not contain any metal salts, which makes it ideal to use in between chemical dyeings to refresh your hair colour and to give your hair a super healthy boost and a sparkling shine.

Our natural hair dyes are certified organic and contain no ammonia, peroxide, PPD, resorcinol, heavy metals or metal salts, fragrances, silicones, butylated hydroxytoluene, formaldehyde, mineral oils or genetically engineered raw materials.

If your hair has been bleached - either by chemical bleaching or because your chemically coloured hair has been bleached by UV radiation - then dyeing it with 100% natural hair dye can be a bit tricky.

Bleached hair is not only light in colour, it is also severely damaged and porous. Because of this, this hair will absorb the natural colour pigments like a sponge, resulting in an extremely dark or bright colour result.

If your hair has been bleached, but you still want to switch to 100% natural hair colour, we advise you to let a professional do the first natural colouring. But we do mean a real professional in 100% natural hair colouring! Unfortunately most hair professionals still have little knowledge about 100% natural hair colouring. So ask them if it really is a 100% vegetable hair colour and as soon as a tube or bottle is used to mix the colour pigments you can be sure that it is based on chemicals. 100% natural hair colouring is mixed with warm water, coffee, tea, lemon juice etc.

Natural hair colour lays a beautiful permanent colour layer around your hair, which becomes more beautiful and of better quality every time you dye your hair. The colour layer is thus 'built up' further each time, as it were.

If, for example, your hair is too slippery because of silicones, oil, grease, conditioner and the like, the colour pigments cannot "take hold" and slide right off the hair when rinsing.But even if the "taking" has gone well, you should make sure that the colour layer is given 3 to 4 days to fix (i.e. become permanent/unwashable) and you should definitely not wash your hair during that time after colouring. 59ce067264


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