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Ghost Rider Movie ((TOP))

In 2007, Johnny has become a famous stunt motorcycle rider. He runs into his former sweetheart Roxanne Simpson, now a news reporter, whom he abandoned after his father's death. He convinces her to attend a dinner date.

Ghost Rider Movie

According to an interview he gave to the New York Times in 2010, this movie was made during the middle of Wes Bentley's decade-long, extremely serious addiction to cocaine and heroin. He said in that interview that he only accepted any movie roles during that time so that he would have money to buy enough drugs.

(at around 15 mins) The Johnny Blaze video game in the movie is actually a game called "Crusty Demons" (2006) developed by UK games company Climax Studios. The plot is somewhat similar to the plot of Ghost Rider. A group of hard-riding extreme bikers are killed while performing an insane stunt. Satan offers to resurrect them and make them immortal if they use their motorcycle skills to do Satan's work. Climax Studios also developed Ghost Rider (2007).

The movie was originally budgeted at $65 million dollars but soon the production costs went up once Nicolas Cage came on board and demanded a hefty fee to play the lead. He also demanded that the Ghost Rider had to look photo-realistic in post-production which increased the production cost even more. The production then hit $110 million, almost double of was projected.

(at around 1h 35 mins) Near the end of the film, Johnny tells Mephistopheles that he will be a "spirit of vengeance." The plot of the movie centers around a cursed town called San Venganza, which can loosely translate as just that: "Spirit of Vengeance" (literally, Saint Vengeance).

Johnny returns home again, only to find that Blackheart has killed his friend Mack and kidnapped Roxanne. He then hurries back to the cemetery, where the caretaker reveals the Contract of San Venganza, which was hidden in his shovel. He then gets on a horse and transforms into a Ghost Rider, revealing he is Carter Slade. The two Ghost Riders ride to the ghost town of San Venganza to stop Blackheart, but Carter Slade only makes it to the town's outskirts before giving Johnny his shotgun and riding off. Johnny rides into San Venganza, passing through a swamp where he fights the water-elemental Wallow. After a brief fight between the Ghost Rider and Blackheart, Blackheart gets his hands on the Contract, and absorbs the 1000 corrupt souls the item provides him. Now calling himself "Legion," Blackheart easily takes out Ghost Rider, almost killing him if not for Roxanne intervening with Slade's shotgun. She tosses the gun to Johnny, who infuses the weapon with his hellish power. He shoots Blackheart point black, causing the demon's form to separate into thousands of pieces. As he reconstitutes himself, Johnny uses his Penance State to burn the 1000 souls Blackheart absorbed from the Contract, finishing him. Mephistopheles returns to give Johnny back his soul, but he refuses, vowing to use his powers to stop Mephisto whenever he harms the innocent. Mephisto promises to make Johnny pay for this, and disappears with Blackheart's body. Johnny and Roxanne share one final kiss before he rides off into the sunset.

Days before the release of Ghost Rider, a video game of the same name was released by 2K Games for the PlayStation 2, PSP, and Game Boy Advance. This God of War clone was a quasi-sequel to the first movie, written by comic scribes Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti. It featured more characters from the comics and for some reason only retained the actor likeness of Sam Elliot as Caretaker, but it still came with plenty of inspiration from the film.

Jay Carter Taylor (she/her) loves movies almost as much as she loves hating movies. She's haunted film festivals including SXSW, Berlin, Tribeca, TIFF, Fantasia, Venice, and Sundance. She's never missed a single MCU movie premiere or series even though Pixar and Wes Anderson are more her style. Jay supports female directors and JEDI allyship. She has 1 spouse, 3 sisters, 4 dogs, 9 niblings, and more statement jewelry than sense. She has recently started playing Fortnite with her 8 year old nephew.

"I was going for it -- 'Oh, there's bugs on my face! I'm screaming, ahhh!' And I would look at playback on the monitor with [director] Mark Steven Johnson and be like, 'Yes! Monster movie, monster movie!' " Cage said, describing his motivation for the scene. "That's the movie I wanted to make, a movie that 8-year-olds can get excited about the way they used to about Vincent Price."

This movies just straight up stinks. It has the most lazy and generic script possible. Every single 2000's movie trope is here. It does nothing original. The villain character even looks like a Disney channel vampire kid. It's so lame.

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Marvel has had many successful franchises over the years but one that was quickly extinguished was the Ghost Rider line of movies starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze. The first film was released in 2007 and made enough money to greenlight a strange sequel/reboot called Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, which came out five years later.

Both films were not received all that well by fans on release but they weren't total disasters as they made money at the box office. There was some fun to be had in both movies for entirely different reasons that manage to bring some fans back every now and then.

While the score in the second movie is not bad, it is just typical action movie music that is quickly forgotten once the credits roll, except for maybe Ghost Rider's main overture. Meanwhile, the first movie not only makes great use of classic rock songs but the original score by Christopher Young is very diverse and rich.

The film offers a mix of Western music, dark epic orchestras like something out of a Dracula movie, a fusion of rock and symphony, and more. Just the music that plays when Johnny first transforms into Ghost Rider is enough to send chills down one's spine.

In nearly every battle and chase scene, Ghost Rider transforms something to suit his needs. Combined with his more brutal kills in this movie, it's difficult to watch and not grow a smile. Not many movies have construction vehicles turn into giant fiery chainsaws while the hero lets out a demonic giggle.

While it may have been a more boring movie due to the non-Ghost Rider segments feeling drawn out, at least the original Ghost Rider looked and flowed nicely. The sequel was directed by Mark Neveldine, who made Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in the same way he made the Crank movies: Super high framerate, shaky, and so fast-paced that it's impossible to breathe.

The first movie is far from perfect but at least it looked smooth and felt more like a big-budget blockbuster from the likes of Marvel Studios. There are some gorgeous shots such as seeing the two Ghost Riders ride through the desert or when Johnny goes up and down the skyscraper. The first movie also features superior transformation scenes.

The first film had some decent one-liners but the sequel easily beats it with some absolute gems that fit the crazy and over the top tone that comes with the Rider in the movie. The best ones are when Ghost Rider defeats both Blackout and Mephisto, especially since the sequel gave Nicholas Cage a much better Rider voice and demonic personality than in the original.

While both movies' villains are far from top-tier, the sequel's villains were at least an actual threat to Ghost Rider. In the first film, the elemental demons are all disposed within seconds after a fight begins, which makes all the build-up feel like a waste, and then Blackheart is just a poor man's version of Deacon Frost from Blade.

Though Mephisto was a better villain in the sequel, Peter Fonda was still a standout as the character in the first movie. Furthermore, Sam Elliot was as charming and likable as ever as Carter Slade, Eva Mendes was decent as Roxanne, and Donal Logue was funny as Johnny's friend Mac.

The sequel's supporting cast was as forgettable as can be; how does a movie manage to make Idris Elba boring? The only slightly memorable character was the young boy, Danny, but he was essentially a plot device that Johnny had to protect.

Whether it's the city or the town of San Venganza or even Johnny Blaze's apartment, every location seen throughout the first movie was more visually appealing to the eyes than those found in the sequel. There was some nice atmosphere, beautiful colors, and a sense of scope that matched a Marvel movie.

On the other hand, everything in the sequel is brown and grey, with most of the color in the movie coming from Ghost Rider's flames. It's either desert, rocks, mountains, or rocky mountains in the desert thus making everything look the same and completely stale.

While the first movie does an adequate job and has better transformations, the CGI for Ghost Rider has become quite dated since 2007. Conversely, the sequel boasts some impressive visuals for the character. The burnt skull aesthetic is impressive, the melting leather on his jacket is a great detail, and the fire effects are more realistic than in the original. 041b061a72


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