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Where Can I Buy Nioxin

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I have found nioxin to not only thicken my hair but actually regrow some of my hair. All those real small thin hairs that seem to be dying off grow back strong and return to full size. It will help regrow any hair you lost over the past 6 months as THose FOLLICLEs aren't completely dead yet! I highly recommend this product.

I use dioxin in the 90s after radiation from breast cancer and my hair grew thicker healthy and long fast I was so surprised and what this product did for my HAIR. then I couldn't find it anywhere where I always bought it in salons so I stopped using it my hair is never been that healthy ever again. I'm going to try it again. And pray I get the same results. Also I bought a whole line of nioxin products and all I can find is the shampoo it had a treatment the shampoo the conditioner plus a spray to keep your hair in control I have pictures of my hair then it was so beautiful and I contribute it to nioxin and vitamins.

Do you want your hair to look like those shampoo commercials where women flaunt their long and silky