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Master English Grammar In 28 Days Book Free Download _BEST_

The main aim of studying English is to learn the basics of writing and grammar so that you will be to frame sentences correctly and improve your English vocabulary. To speak fluent English in 30 days, you must also spend an hour or two every day studying basic grammar as well as learning a set of 5-10 new words. Read a newspaper every day or start reading a good English book. Make flashcards to learn new words or download a vocabulary-building app on your smartphone. Following these, you would have strengthened your vocabulary and learned the basic sentence structure and grammar by the end of the month.

Master English Grammar In 28 Days Book Free Download

Hi Anna,Very impressive and well-written blog. My story of learning Spanish is more strange. I started it all by myself in India 4 years ago. So, forget any spanish-native or expat, there was no one who even knew Hola o Como estas!! I started with the you-tube videos in CultureAlley, then went on with Duolingo. These helped me in master the basic vocabulary. But when I attempted to watch Amoresperros without English subs on, it turned out to be a nightmare!!! Later, I realized that I need to improve my grammar. Online resources were helpful, and I started to watch movies with Spanish subs, starting from El Laberinto del fauno, Y tu mama tambien, Amores Perros, and went on to watch many spanish-language films with Spanish subs, which helped me in appreciating the language and its slangs much better. Today, I am in the UK and I am able to converse freely with a few Mexicans, Spaniards, and Argentinians, whom I come across in my uni. I am able to speak pretty fluently with them and understand what they are talking about, and even respond to them better. But the problem is that when I go on to watch series and movies in Spanish, I struggle a bit without the Spanish subs turned on. Could you guide me on overcoming this plateau???


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