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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Colorado Springs !!TOP!!

Chapter 13 bankruptcies are longer, lasting either three or five years. This process allows you to follow a repayment plan with your debtors, with the same result of a clean slate if you're discharged. Because this process lasts so long, there are a number of reasons that may lead to needing a vehicle while you're bankruptcy is open. Not to worry, people of Colorado Springs. At Drivers Lane, we know where to go for bankruptcy financing. Just fill out our car loan request form to get connected with a dealer in the Colorado Springs area who has the lending resources you need.

buy here pay here car lots colorado springs

Owning a reliable used car in Denver makes all the difference. It means the end to waiting at south Denver bus stops or enduring the cold during the long walk to work. It means being able to go where you want, when you want.

Auto financing is an option nearly everyone has access to, and yet so many people let bad credit stop them. Don't let your credit history keep you from having a better life. Instead, you should consider one of your local Denver buy here pay here dealerships.

Buy here pay here car lots are independent dealerships that offer special financing. They allow car buyers to make their purchases directly from the dealerships. This method of direct buying means that dealers don't need to check your credit history. All they need is your income and employment information. Then, they will arrange a payment schedule with you, and you pay them either weekly or bi-weekly, directly at the dealership. So, you will want to consider the location of the dealership you work with. For example, if you live near or in South Colorado Springs, you probably won't want to drive to North Denver in order to make your payments.

You've probably seen buy here pay here dealerships along South Broadway or along West Colfax Ave, or elsewhere in west Denver and have never even known it. Well, now you know that these places exist, and you're aware of how to find them.

Finding the ideal match for your driving style and daily commute can be difficult, and finding a quality dealer that meets your needs and expected budget is a major worry. At least, that was true until you found this website! Your quest ends here at Southwest Motors in Pueblo, Colorado. Our cutting-edge site and facilities help you find the automobile model that best meets your style and budget. That same Southwest Motors difference applies to all our services, not just sales or leasing.

Don't wait any longer; see what we have in stock here or in person. Every day we both welcome in and say goodbye to different models like the Ford F-150, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Equinox, RAM 1500, and Ford Escape, just to name a few.

After nearly three decades of listening and improving bit by bit, we know the most common issues almost any person might face when buying a pre-owned car. Just let us hear your story, and we'll be able to help you avoid situations that may have caused extra fees and headaches at other dealerships. There will be none of those at Southwest Motors.

Our buy here pay here program is the most flexible in Denver. We work with any and all types of credit history even if you have a foreclosure, repossession, prior bankruptcy or any other related credit issues.

There are plenty of beautiful sights to behold in Colorado Springs, CO, and you need a reliable set of wheels to get you there. From the Garden of the Gods to The Broadmoor and Pikes Peak, there are many drives in the Rockies waiting for you. Spend less time in the shop and more time doing what you love with auto parts at a steep discount from U Pull & Pay. It never hurts to have some extra cash in your pocket, so why not sell your old junk car to us?

  • 2 Locations serving greater Pasco and Hernando counties as well as Hillsborough, Pinellas and beyond!

  • A wide range of inventory with over 200 pre-owned Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV's in stock!

  • We facilitate financing from a variety of local and nationwide Banks and Credit Unions as well as the occasional Buy here/Pay here loan!

  • Sales representatives and Managers that have a combined 250 years of Experience with the average tenure at Golden Oldies of 13 years !

  • An onsite full repair facility and detail shop!

  • Warranties on most cars with extended warranties available!

By clicking here, you authorize and its sellers/partners to contact you by text/calls which may include marketing and be by autodialer. Calls may be prerecorded. You also agree to our Privacy Notice. Consent is not required to purchase goods/services.

There's no better place to go than Lexus of Colorado Springs for Lexus service in Colorado Springs. Our Service Center is staffed by a team of trained professionals that know every inch of your Lexus model. We're wholly dedicated to providing exceptional service and repairs included but not limited to oil changes, brake repair, battery service, and tire rotation without any unnecessary hassle or hidden fees. Of course, we only use genuine parts and accessories to maintain your vehicle's original quality and like-new condition for many years of daily driving.

3. There may not be any warranty for breakdowns or expensive repairs. If the dealer includes a warranty, it may come with conditions such as a high deductible. If money is tight for the borrower, paying for repairs and continuing to make payments becomes very difficult.

There may be one disadvantage to buying, leasing, or renting an automobile from a we finance used car lot in Colorado Springs, CO. Often, these IH financing lots do not report your weekly payments to the credit bureaus, so if you have bad credit, no credit, or bankruptcy a BHPH car loan may not help improve a damaged credit score. What that means is that if you currently have a low or zero credit score the only reason you should use a Colorado Springs pay weekly car lot is that you have no other option. We recommend that you start online before you visit the showroom. To get started use our Colorado Springs inhouse auto financing online application.

Alpine Buick GMC South has a huge selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale at competitive prices. Easily search our complete inventory at both store locations, here in COLORADO SPRINGS and our sister store Alpine Buick GMC in Denver.

Zach Klempf: Hello, Zach here and we have a great guest on the podcast today. Joe McCloskey, who was just sworn in as the new NIADA, President of the Board of Directors. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Joe McCloskey: I started in the car business over 50 years ago, I started out sweeping garage floors and then was recruited as a lot boy a lot porter back then at a Mercedes Benz dealership in Pueblo, Colorado. And it was there where I started learning also mechanics helper and helping repair vehicles, sweeping garage floors again, and then also cleaning cars and detailing cars. And then in 1974, at age 17, being a junior in high school, I got promoted to selling cars. So I would sell cars after high school and on Saturdays. And it was then that I realized that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And so that's what started my career. Shortly after that, I went up to Denver after graduating, graduating high school, and moved to Denver, and then began selling cars at larger stores much larger stores, and started my career. A true professional salesperson moved back down, met my wife in Denver, moved back down to Colorado Springs, and then also ran two local dealerships before starting out on our own in 1989. So we're now celebrating our 32nd year anniversary in our 33 years. So I've been a member of the Colorado and national independent auto dealers for over 32 years, I've served as a board director for 27 years, and as a national independent auto dealer or director for over eight years. So during that period of time, we've seen a lot of changes, a lot of things happening. You and I were talking and you said you might pose that question to me. And I was thinking back when we first started, there's been a lot of industry changes. I remember, Zach when the odometer statement first came out, and everyone thought that the world's coming to an end because we had actually right down the odometer of cars and certify that that was the actual mileage and how can we certify that that was the actual mileage to the advent of computers, you know, back then, when I first started, we were doing contracts by hand and figure payments by hand. I've a little black book. And it's certainly the industry along with technology has advanced quite a bit. Since I've been in the car business, multiple recessions, multiple wars, unfortunately, even presidential assassination attempts and all sorts of things that happened, oil embargoes and that type of thing. And that one thing that's always impressed me about independent dealers and car dealers, and that's in car businesses are perseverance, our passion for the business, and taking a statement from the military, our ability to adapt and overcome. And that's always really impressed me. In fact, that's what makes me so proud to be a part of our industry. Is that, that perseverance, and Okay, well, we've been out this, this item now, or this event or these rules or regulations and Okay, so how are we going to handle it? How are we going to adapt and overcome and continue on with our March two's being a successful business and operation?

Joe McCloskey: Well, you hit the nail on the head Zach, and that is exactly why we became a franchise dealer was to get better financing and more financing opportunities for our used car operation and I'll never forget, when we signed when I was at a local bank signing a loan, to go into debt for a new car store I had as an independent dealer at that point in our career, many years ago, we had our everything paid for, and we're basically running the business out of our checkbook, but in order to become, play that game of being in our franchise dealer and having, quote unquote, the credibility of a franchise dealership, we had to go over a million dollars into that, to purchase the franchise, inventory, that type of thing. And I'll never forget that the bank president came in to see me as I signed the documents to go into that debt, which my hand was trembling and my lower lip was quivering as a sign in that paper. And he came in and he patted me on the shoulder and said, congratulations. And he said, I want you to remember one thing. And I looked up at him as well, what's that? And he said, I want you to remember that you're a used car dealer that happens to have a new car dealership. And I thought I looked down per minute, he says, never forget where you came from. And I said, Okay, and I thought that, that advice really served me very well, while we had new car dealers, new car franchises. And you know, there's a lot of successful new car stores, and in a lot of those stores are very, very best in class, what they do, and they provide an excellent product and excellent service. The thing that I found differently was number one, is the amount of debt that you carry. Being a franchise store, the fact you, the franchise owes you, the manufacturer owes you much more money than you would ever own, owe the manufacturer, and more to receivables, co op receivables, and also contracts in transit. It's captive financing. So I found that that was really interesting. But heaven forbid, if I owed them 1500, they'd be all over me like white on rice. But probably some of the other things that struck me was the fact that, you know, being an independent dealer before I was used to taking care of the customer, the way that we knew, on our local way in dealing with customers that we should take care of. And I found in a franchise dealer environment, that that is a lot more restrictive, what you can and can't do. And we also felt that we were working towards our customer satisfaction on a local basis, we know our customers how to take care of them. On a manufacturer basis, you're trying to meet the requirements of a factory survey. And some of those are third party surveys that they send out, and your incentives in your standing with that manufacturers based upon how well you do and perform under that factory survey. Well, that factory survey is one survey. It's one one mold that is supposed to fit each and every dealership throughout the entire nation. And that doesn't necessarily fit that well. And how you should maybe take care of a customer in Colorado, Colorado Springs where we're located may not necessarily be the same way that you would take care of a customer in Cincinnati, Ohio, or Sarasota, Florida, or in Redding, California. There are just all sorts of different ways that you would take care of that. But so the franchises both of them ended up going out of business. They did want to make sure they made sure there's definitely so they went out of business not as and so it was at that point. We got our whole staff together and I said we're going back to our core. We're going back to being strictly independent auto dealers, and it's been our best choice we've ever made. 041b061a72


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