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Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Q2 Extended Fan Edit 720p

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thus, the best place to start with fire walk with me is at its beginning, which consists of a three-minute prologue to the film. this first look at what's to come is comprised of a montage that moves from a car coming over a bridge, to a close up of headlights in an empty driveway, to the headlights of an arriving car, to a shot of the twin peaks sign, to scenes of the twined road that leads to the town in the background, to the first shots of the twin peaks sheriff's department. in fact, each image functions like a brief vignette, revealing a slice of a larger story about what laura is about to experience.

until the very end, that is. the longer version of fire walk with me begins with cooper waking up in bed after spending a night as a guest at the home of deputy andy brennan (harry dean stanton). he's irked to discover that his fbi credentials have been revoked, and his recollections of the night prior are hazy. he leaves a phone message for his superiors, but finds upon returning to his office that his office, and his life, are gone. having no other explanation, he returns to twin peaks to try and find answers.

cooper, who has not been seen in public since breaking up with rachel. bob, the ravenous spirit that invaded the palmer home and murdered laura, has chosen him as its new host. in his first scene of the film, cooper purchases a book titled "the scottish play," the story of king macbeth (the titular figure of which he likes to call him), and goes to a bookstore to buy it. he is confronted by a woman, who tells him that her late husband used to collect books, and that there is a volume in his library that will answer some questions. in the bookstore's library, cooper seeks out the book, which is actually a case (the future home of the dead body of madeline ferguson, a corpse cooper has knowledge of). cooper opens the case, and finds a photograph in it. the picture is of cooper, in a moment from the pilot episode. it's a souvenir from his time as an fbi agent. 3d9ccd7d82


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