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According to him, sexual pleasure should be valued, but pleasure without a relationship, through watching porn, can lead to certain forms of addiction.

"We must protect love. Winning the battle against lust can be a lifelong endeavour," the Pope said.


Is it possible to have sex in Lent: UGCC priest answers

Is it possible to have sex in Lent: UGCC priest answers

The publication reminded that this is not the first time Pope Francis has commented on the issue of sex. Earlier, in the Disney+ documentary The Pope Answers, he said that it is "one of the beautiful things that God has given to man". At the same time, he argued that watching pornography degrades a person.

Also in 2022, during a discussion with seminarians about the dangers of social media, Francis warned against the "devil" of digital pornography, while acknowledging that priests and nuns also watch porn online. "This is a vice that many people have, even priests and nuns," he said.

As a reminder, a high-profile sex scandal occurred in Poland involving priests and a male prostitute whom they invited to their "party". When the sex worker fainted, the clergy did not allow doctors to visit him, which led to the police intervention.


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